Stronghold HD

Today I installed another great game bought from GoG: Stronghold! The development team just released a “brand new” HD version from this 2001 castle RTS and it’s AWESOME.

The original Stronghold, which you also get from GoG for free if you buy Stronghold HD, is limited to a 1024×768 resolution and it is a pain to play it on an actual 1920×1080 display…with Stronghold HD you finally get the full experience!

Unfortunately neither of these 2 versions are playable on a 500 MHz K6-2…even the standard version runs slowly. The original recommended spec for the game in 2001 was a 550 MHz or faster CPU.

3 thoughts on “Stronghold HD

  1. I played the original Stronghold back then on my K6-III+ 450. It was paired with a Tyan S1598 board with a 100MHz bus, and the K6-III+ was overclocked to 600MHz. 768MB of ram, of course. Stronghold ran just fine.

    I lent the system with the Tyan board to my mother about 10 years ago. My brother-in-law–a Mac guy–threw it out when the hard drive died. I’ve never quite forgiven him for that . . . :)

    Recently I picked up an Rev 1.06 P5A and tested it with a K6-III 450 (non-plus), but it appears to be dead. So the K6-III is now running in an FIC PA-2013.

    Gonna have to rebuild the P5A, because it’s gotta be the best Super 7 board ever.

    Thanks for the interesting site–a bit of nostalgia is always fun.

  2. I used to play Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader to death on an 800MHz Celeron Dell Lattitude with 64MB then 192MB of RAM. Good old days…

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