AMD K6 History section

I just finished the history section and it was fun to remember some old tech stuff and browse AMD’s old PDF files. I will try to extend the information in the following days and upload some PDF data sheets about 3DNow!, PowerNow!, CPUID detections.

Looking for these pdf files nowadays was way harder than some years ago as AMD seems to have wiped them from their website; there also seem to be lots of companies actually trying to sell them to you. How stupid.


14 years ago I bought my first computer with my hard-earned student money; it was a very affordable AMD K6-2 450 MHz, Asus P5A motherboard, ATI Rage 128, 128MB of RAM and was about half the price a Pentium III was selling for at that time.

Now I’m 14 years older and wanted to replay some games from this period; unfortunately they don’t run on modern hardware or operating systems…so I decided to build myself a “new” K6 system just for that purpose.

I decided it was about time to pay a tribute to the excellent CPU family I chose back then…as information and stories about old hardware slowly gets lost in the darkness of the web I opened this website.