K6 Box Part 2 – GA-5AX Capacitors

One thing that will inevitably bite you on old hardware are dead capacitors…they either dry out, explode or leak inevitably regardless of their initial quality after 15 years. On one of my GA-5AX boards I had some instabilities and this is exactly the sign of dried-out capacitors :(

One of you is dead!

So I ordered a bunch of new ones to replace them all, there are 2 types on the motherboard:

  • 8mm diameter 330uF 25V a bit everywhere
  • 10mm diameter 330uF 25V close to the CPU
If you can’t find 25V ones you can take caps rated at 35V instead and it will just work fine.

The removed old caps (the blue ones are from a GeForce 3)

Replacing them all (around 20 pieces) took me a good 2h of careful work…the soldering wasn’t that easy to do and I had to drill trough some of the old soldering with a very small drill bit.

Fitting the first new capacitors…

The new capacitors are also a little bit shorter, 12.5mm height instead of 15mm which is absolutely perfect around the CPU as many heat-sinks will now fit off the shelf without requiring some adjustments. Oh and the board is stable again now :)

New capacitors!

You may have notice the 2 places on the previous picture where capacitors were planned on the motherboard but never fitted? Well meanwhile I soldered some in there and it didn’t change anything…nothing burned :)

2 thoughts on “K6 Box Part 2 – GA-5AX Capacitors

  1. Nice job!! What did you use to remove/solder the capacitors? I replaced many capacitors in some of my old motherboards that I have and I use rework station. I find it easier to use soldering iron after you have used hot air to warm up the area. To solder them back, I warm up the area using hot air (rework station) and while the air is running, use the iron to open up the holes to place new caps.
    Let me know your technique. It might be helpful.

    • Oh I’m just using a good and pointy soldering iron…with a bit of practice it’s getting easy to extract the capacitors without damaging the PCB.

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