K6-2+ 550 MHz OS Boot Speed

A quick video which shows the boot speed on an AMD K6-2+ 550MHz, 768 MB RAM and SATA disk system for Windows XP and Ubuntu 10.04. Bot operating systems are “stock” with the latest updates installed and no special optimisation has been done.

As you can see, you are much better off using Windows XP on a K6 machine as the Linux distributions with GUI are terribly slow on this hardware.

It’s not only the boot process which is slow on Linux but also the whole OS GUI (Gnome in this case) which feels awfully slow to the point where it’s unusable; Windows XP on the other hand is quick and snappy!

So the common myth that Linux is faster than Windows on old hardware isn’t so true here…

4 thoughts on “K6-2+ 550 MHz OS Boot Speed

  1. First of all, i really like this page. The hardware you’re dealing still has it’s own charm. At least for me it has. But i’ve got to tell you, that you don’t compare linux to windows. Futhermore you compare a desktopenvironment to the Windows XP desktop. If you compare XP a desktop environment from 2000 you’ll see its much faster. If you’re willing to try XFCE, or LXDE, it would make a huge difference.

    Keep up this great website!

    • You are right, I did this quick article after seeing some statistics on the website…people are often searching things like “most recent linux on K6” or something similar and it made sense to me to take the most used and newbie friendly Linux out there.

      • Kinda late reply, but maybe you still sometimes take a look at this website. Yeah, so, what about LXDE and XFCE DE’s? I’m rocking a wee bit newer machine, a 1.1 GHz Tualeron, and I wonder if it would fare well with any (relatively) recent Linux distro. Keeping the software running on it outdated might expose it to some security threats considering the open security holes in older OS versions that were fixed later, I fear. So far I’ve found older Sabayon Linux versions working well, but the only thing that really works well is Windows XP.


        • Sure!
          I’ve an slightly lower processor (Celeron Coppermine 1.1 ghz) which works very fluently with Lubuntu 14.04 and others modern Linux distros (LXLE, Bodhi, Crunch Bang, etc)

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