Dungeon Keeper 2

Recently I bought Dungeon Keeper 2 from Good Old Games as it’s only around 6$ and I remembered it as a fabulous game. GoG are really awesome people which have ported older games so they run on current OS and it’s completely DRM free. After buying the game you get a simple .exe download without any heavy Steam-like client.

So, why am I telling you this? Well just to let you know the port doesn’t run well at all on a 500 MHz K6-2 system with a GeForce 3 (it ran fine back in 1999) :(

It all has to do with some changes made by GoG to the 3D engine…if you look at the installation folders you’ll have 2 executables.

  • DKII.exe : this executable runs “sort of fine” on the K6-2 but the experience isn’t that great and it will eventually lag when the missions become more complex and more enemies are displayed. This is NOT the default .exe run from the shortcut the installer creates
  • DKII-DX.exe : this is the executable modified even more by GoG to make it stable on modern Windows, it’s just unplayable on an old computer…just forget it

So unfortunately to get your Dungeon Keeper 2 fix on an older machine from the 500 MHz class with todays updates + drivers + DirectX, the GoG version isn’t good. It runs absolutely fine on any modern PC though!

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