Today I had to undergo an horrible experience namely find a computer with a diskette drive, a diskette drive for my K6 system and some diskettes. In the K6 days every computer was expected to have a 3.5″ 1.44MB diskette drive so when you had to update your BIOS you had to make a boot diskette with the flash utility and the BIOS on it.

Back of a 3.5″ diskette drive

Even when you install Windows XP and want to provide additional disk drivers it’s only capable of loading them from a diskette…

Front of a 3.5″ diskette drive

Today I was a bit in a stupid chicken and egg situation; I had to update the GA-5AX BIOS so I needed a boot diskette. Unfortunately no PC in my home has a diskette drive nor do I have diskettes…nor do the modern motherboards have a connector to plug a diskette driver on them :)

As I had thrown away all my diskettes years ago being ABSOLUTELY SURE I would never use one again I went to my local computer shop and guess what? Verbatim started to produce some diskettes again due to demand. So here is a brand new 2012 diskette box!

A new diskette box!

Now that I had my diskettes I went to a friend’s home which I knew still had an old PC…he was able to generate a boot diskette for the BIOS update and another diskette with the Promise SATA controller drivers for Windows XP on them. I now had diskettes with the right content on them!

I then went to my local computer shop again and could salvage an old, ugly and dusty diskette drive from a case in the recycle bin…after some cleaning I fitted it to the K6 system and it worked!

Windows XP after loading SATA drivers from the diskette!

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