Configure Mikrotik SSTP VPN with TLS certificate

In our previous post, we showed how to automatically generate and activate/renew a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate on a Mikrotik device:

Today, we look at configuring an SSTP VPN server which uses this certificate so you can remotely connect to your Mikrotik router from a Windows PC, for example.

The first step is to create a VPN user, this is done in PPP > Secrets. The options are mostly straightforward:

  • Name: you username
  • Password: select a strong password
  • Service: select sstp
  • Profile: default-encryption
  • Local address: set the IP address of you mikrotik device on the LAN-side
  • Remote address: this is the IP address you will get from the VPN, select an address that is available on your LAN
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Automate Lets’s Encrypt TLS certificate on Mikrotik RouterOS

To configure an SSTP or OpenVPN service on my Mikrotik Router, I had the need to generate and upload a real TLS certificate to the device. Some solutions exist in various blog posts but they are either too complicated, outdated or badly documented. So I made my own post and script. I hope it helps someone!

The goal here is to generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate and upload/activate it on a Mikrotik router. What you will need to do manually is:

  • Generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate
  • Create an user to SSH to your Mikrotik
  • Run the script to transfer and activate the certificate
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