Activate Windows XP in 2022

If you install a fresh copy of Windows XP in 2022, you will probably notice that the automatic activation process fails. This is because Microsoft retired this service, after all the OS is more than 20 years old and it is not able to connect to most SSL sites anymore.

But do you know that Windows XP can still be activated? For that, start the activation wizard and try to activate Windows online: it will fail.

Then select “Activate by Phone” and follow the guided messages, you will be asked for a series of numbers like the ones displayed on the screenshot below.

Once you get you activation code, bingo, it works!

3 thoughts on “Activate Windows XP in 2022

  1. Had to do it myself not long ago!

    All the cracks on the internet fail, my only option when the service is totally abandoned, is to install an original NON-SP XP pro, and then install service packs ontop, like I used to…

  2. IIRC, you can run all the updates and bring the machine up to SP3 (or maybe it’s te Unofficial SP4… can’t remember )and then it will activate.

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