Hi there! If you are here you may wonder who runs this strange website about an old piece of hardware? Well I am just an average guy who has good memories from the 1998-2000 period when I was a teenager and bought my first computer with my own money.

The computer I bought was an AMD K6-2 450, Asus P5A, 128MB RAM and an ATI Rage 128 and it gave me hours and hours of fun on great games. Now we are a good couple of years later and find myself having fun rebuilding a similar computer and playing on it. This website only exists so people still can find useful information about the K6-era which is now long gone…

By the way I work in the TV industry and I absolutely don’t know everything about the K6…any feedback is welcome! If you want to contact me, just drop an e-mail to webmaster@amd-k6.com

I have nothing to do with AMD or any other hardware company from that time and I’m probably infringing lots of copyrights with all the files uploaded here, but I guess they don’t really care now.

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  1. Are you familiar with Jan Steunebrink’s page on the K6-2+ and K6-III+? Among other things, he’s patched a variety of BIOS’s to accept the “+” versions.


    I used his patched BIOS on my old Asus P/I-P55T2P4 to run a K6-III+ many years ago.

    Also, I have a variety of programs for playing withe the K6-2/III, stuff I collected back in the 1999-2000 period. Some of them are useful for overclocking, write-combining control, and other things that I don’t remember. There’s even a set of official Glide driver files from AMD for playing Quake 2 in an optimized 3DNow! mode. Let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Wow! I think we are around the same age. I have put together amd system as well. Mine was k6-2 350 with Asus P5A + Creative Labs Voodoo Banshee AGP.

    It is great to know someone else share the same experience/memory as I am.

  3. Hello world!
    Could anyone point where I can buy GA-5AX or at least GA-5AA? I’ve been monitoring ebay for weeks now – no luck.

      • Thanks, will do.
        Another problem is overseas shipping. I spotted a decent rev5.1 last week, but it was a GSP item. No idea why sellers even want to deal with these furtive crooks. They wanted $275 for shipping! That’s ten times the regular USPS FC-international. Seller didn’t understand that (or didn’t want to) and offered a $10 discount. I laughed.

    • if you still need a GA-5AX, I have one, however, mine is missing a critical transistor near the cpu socket, which I had trouble identifying, other than that, no bad caps or anything, just figured this site might either know someone who could use it or, have info on if the transistor is npn or pnp/what it might be (there are two of these near q1 and q2 around the CPU, i have a rev 4.1 ga-5ax board

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